Yunbo Luo


Dr.Yunbo Luo, Professor and doctoral tutor, serves as Dean of Foods Department , China Agricultural University, vice president of storage and processing of agricultural products branch, China Agricultural Society, member of National Security Committee of genetically modified organisms, editor-in-chief of “Food Science and Technology of China”, Executive director of China Food Association, Vice Chairman of Beijing Food Association,.He had given lecture In the U.S., Britain, South Korea, Italy, Thailand, Canada and other countries, published more than 50 papers. Presided over state-fifth special issue, China National Natural Science Foundation, 863 and 973projects, and some international cooperations. Won the State Board of Education Fund for Outstanding Young Teachers in 1993,  Outstanding Teaching Award in 1994national introduction of foreign intelligence, international cooperation advanced individual in 1995, Special government allowances in 1996, National Outstanding Youth Foundation in 1998 and Science and Technology Achievement Award of China Food Industry Technology Association.

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